Case Studies

Case Studies

Come and see how NS ARC has provided our high-quality and standard-setting welding wire to several businesses that have come to rely on our expertise. As the largest dedicated welding wire brand in the United States, we have worked to perfect our welding wire since 1907. NS ARC now carries a full range of wire available in several packaging options, sizes, diameters, and types, including stainless-steel, carbon steel, aluminum, metal-cored, and flux-cored. Our wire has proven to solve numerous challenges and problems that businesses within the automotive, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and energy industries have constantly faced.

  • Orbis - NS ARC Case Study

    ORBIS Case Study

    ORBIS Corporation is a leading manufacturer of plastic reusable/returnable products for a wide range of material handling applications. Their packaging is utilized in the automotive, agriculture, food manufacturing, retail, automated systems, and...
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  • CSI Case Study

    CSI Case Study

    NS ARC welding wire is trouble free. There’s a saying that ‘no news is good news,’ meaning it’s a true and proven welding wire that we trust. It's given us confidence over the years. -Steve Souther, CSI CSI has been at the...
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  • Ram Jack - NS ARC Case Study

    Ram Jack Case Study

    American made, to us, is everything. Everything we use is American made, from our pipe to our weld machines. -Rick Flanary, Ram Jack For more than 40 years, Ram Jack has been delivering exceptional foundation repair, preparation, and preconstruction...
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  • Steel King - NS ARC Case Study

    Steel King Case Study

    The wire is reliable, and it works. NS ARC is very responsive, and the service has been great. -Andrew Kettlewell, Steel King Steel King Industries, Inc. is a renowned company recognized for its expertise in the manufacturing and integration of...
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NS ARC has provided support for several companies to help them succeed in their welding goals. With our welding wire and the many services and support that come with it, these companies have been able to meet customer demands, improve efficiency, and eliminate the stress that comes from weak welding bonds. Some of the companies that we’ve assisted over the years include Godwin Manufacturing Co., A. O. Smith, and many others. We take pride in our collaboration with these businesses that come from different industries, and we look forward to partnering with more companies to provide them with the best welding wire solutions that are available in this market. Contact us to learn more about our various welding wire options as well as our numerous service packages.

At NS ARC, we don’t stop after the wire; we go beyond the wire for our customers. Our service and support options are always available to provide guidance and technical information to our customers. From those who are just starting out with small welding projects to established veterans who work with large-scale operations, we have the resources, technical know-how, and dedicated experts on standby and ready to assist you with your business’ next welding project.