ORBIS Corporation is a leading manufacturer of plastic reusable/returnable products for a wide range of material handling applications. Their packaging is utilized in the automotive, agriculture, food manufacturing, retail, automated systems, and pharmaceutical industries, where the company has established a shining reputation for providing reliable product handling and optimizing supply chains.

The company focuses on helping their clients improve supply chain efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance sustainability through the use of reusable packaging and material handling solutions. In addition to containers, pallets, totes, and bulk containers, ORBIS also provides custom-designed dunnage and interior packaging solutions to protect and secure products during transit.

Working with a global reach, ORBIS operates internationally and has a network of facilities and distribution centers to serve their customers in various regions. This allows the company to provide timely and efficient support to clients with diverse supply chain specifications.

ORBIS recently faced a challenge related to their welding process, which was causing productivity and cost issues within their operations. This case study outlines the problem the company encountered and how NS ARC, the leading dedicated women-owned welding wire manufacturer in the U.S.A, offered tailored support and a solution to address these issues.

Technical Support for Welding Issues

The Problem – A Need for Technical Support

For ORBIS, setting up a new welding wire manufacturing line was a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure, especially for those who weren't accustomed to the process. ORBIS needed expert guidance in order to streamline the process while also ensuring that their welding wire lines were properly set up to deliver results that exceeded their customers’ standards.

ORBIS utilizes a substantial number of welding machines running across the shop. With additional capacity to add on, they needed the technical expertise to ensure that the new line of stainless-steel welding wire was set up correctly. That’s when Richard Temple, district sales manager of NS ARC, stepped in to offer tailored support.

The NS ARC Welding Wire Solution – On-Site, Hands-On Support

Temple traveled on site and provided hands-on assistance, helping the ORBIS crew physically set up the welding wire in the machine while offering welding process guidance for their operations, including what the best placement was, what kind of gas mix to use, and other advice.

Jamie Rhyne, plant manager for ORBIS Corporation, explained:


Rhyne exclaimed:

“Anybody can sell wire..., but I think that technical expertise is just invaluable.”

While at the ORBIS plant, Temple also conducted a comprehensive assessment of ORBIS' welding processes. He noted a few areas in which the company could optimize parameters and introduce booms where feasible to ensure consistent weld operations and cost reductions. He also introduced the company to the latest welding technology to keep ORBIS up to date on what’s on the market today.

Rhyne exclaimed:

“Richard's brought some different technology to us to look at... We've been introduced to it. We know what's coming on the market. We know potentially what our competition and the future may be using. It's good to understand that up front and plant those seeds early.”

Welding Wire Expertise and Support

Customer Improvements & Satisfaction

Through expert guidance and hands-on support, NS ARC was able to demonstrate our commitment to improving our customer’s welding operations. When Temple arrived at ORBIS’s facility to help set up the new welding manufacturing line for the welders, he instilled a level of confidence among the operators, giving them the satisfaction of knowing that there’s someone who has their back.

Not only did NS ARC supply ORBIS with superior welding wire solutions, but we also supplied them with the level of welding experience and expertise that comes from the leading dedicated manufacturer of welding wire. From setting up the machines to meet customer standards to providing insider market knowledge, NS ARC went beyond the wire.

Rhyne exclaimed:

“The biggest value that Richard has brought us has been the industry experience.”

Temple’s efforts to go above and beyond what our customers were expecting is just an example of the level of dedication our Pit Crew offers. This is a team of welding experts who are prepared to provide tailored support to guide our customers to fully optimize their welding operations. This team can also provide on-site, hands-on technical support through our ARC Assessment service that identifies areas for improvement, implements best practices, and provides ongoing support.

As a division of DW-National Standard-Stillwater, LLC, NS ARC is the largest dedicated women-owned welding wire brand in the United States. Our commitment to superior welding wire solutions, coupled with hands-on customer support, positions us as an industry leader. This ORBIS Corporation case study serves as a testament to our ability to match customer requirements and applications by listening to their unique situations and leveraging our expertise to get their operations running optimally.

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