In 1907, William Harrah and Charles Anderson embarked on a transformative journey, taking a small wire cloth company and transforming it into the National Cable & Manufacturing Co., specializing in manufacturing scientific lightning protection cables. Four years later in 1911, the company commissioned a special machine to manufacture “bead wire” used in the burgeoning rubber tire industry, crucial for keeping rubber tires securely in place on automobile wheels.



By 1913, the company became National Standard, following its acquisition of Cook Standard Tool Co., merging the two companies’ names. Throughout the 1930s, National Standard diversified its portfolio, venturing into ornamental wire craft products, including lamps, vases, tire covers, waste baskets, and fire screens.


The 1940s marked a significant milestone as National Standard developed a stainless-steel wire for magnetic sound recordings, becoming an industry leader in recording wires. The company continued its innovation in the 1960s, introducing gas-cleaned stainless-steel welding wire, known as Satin Glide®, copper-coated carbon-based solid welding wire, and a distributor re-spooling program.



In the 1970s, National Standard launched CopperFree® welding wire, a 45-lb. welding wire spool, and Tru-Trac® wood reel technology. The company expanded to two locations, breaking ground on a new plant in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in December 1973 and commencing production of tire wire cord at the same facility in September 1974. By 1976, the Stillwater, Oklahoma, facility grew to an impressive 400,000 square feet.


In the 2000s, The Heico Companies purchased the assets of National Standard, Inc., and formed DW NS Stillwater, LLC to focus operations on welding, bead, and industrial wire manufacturing. This acquisition gave NS ARC access to global resources and support contributing to what the company has become today. In 2014, DW NS Stillwater, acquired RevWires based in Troy, Ohio, adding flux-cored and metal-cored welding wires to its Stillwater, Oklahoma, plant’s portfolio. Aluminum welding wires were added to the product portfolio shortly thereafter in 2015.



In April 2017, NS was certified by WBENC as a woman-owned business, further solidifying its commitment to diversity and excellence. Looking to the future, in March 2023, NS ARC Stillwater began construction on a multi-million-dollar welding lab to drive quality and innovation and better serve customer requirements.


By September 2023, the NS welding wire division was rebranded as NS ARC, marking a new chapter in the company’s storied history and reaffirming its position as a leading presence in the welding wire industry. With an illustrious past and a focus on continuous growth and innovation, NS ARC is dedicated to providing top-notch welding wire solutions for its valued customers across several industries around the world.


Our wide range of welding wire solutions are designed to streamline and improve the production, maintenance, and repair of products and components across several applications like agricultural equipment, heavy machinery, automotive body and exhaust, general fabrication, pipes, rail, and many more. With our industry expertise and devotion to welding wire, we can provide you with a dedicated solution that can help you get your particular welding job done the right way the first time.


We also provide service and support options to our customers. This includes our Arc Assessment facility inspection and guidance program, which is performed by our esteemed Pit Crew, a team of experienced welding engineers and service experts. They provide expert advice to help you improve facility efficiency and optimize your welding process.



As a division of DW NS Stillwater, NS ARC receives the benefit of being backed by the global strength and vast network of resources of The Heico Companies, a privately held, family-owned, American holding company. Our parent company functions within several industries, including manufacturing, construction, and more. It utilizes a buy and hold strategy for its operating companies in which long-term growth is fostered while independence is maintained and protected. With access to The Heico Companies’ investments in advanced technology along with its leading-edge drawing benches, NS ARC stands above the rest of the welding wire industry.

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