Steel King Case Study

Steel King’s partnership with NS ARC provided exceptional welding wire consistency and feedability for producing material handling equipment and rack systems.

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    Consistency in Wire Feedability

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The wire is reliable, and it works. NS ARC is very responsive, and the service has been great.

-Andrew Kettlewell, Steel King

Steel King Industries, Inc. is a renowned company recognized for its expertise in the manufacturing and integration of cutting-edge material handling products and systems. As the sole single-source manufacturer of pallet racks, drive-in racks, flow racks, pushback racks, pick modules, mezzanines/work platforms, cantilever racks, portable racks, industrial containers, custom shipping racks, and industrial safety guard railing, Steel King boasts a distinct advantage in meeting the unique material handling system requirements of its customers. The company's comprehensive range of offerings serves a diverse array of environments, including manufacturing, assembly, distribution centers, storage facilities, and warehouses, ensuring seamless workflow and optimized processes for its customers.

This case study delves into how NS ARC welding wire played a pivotal role in helping Steel King achieve uninterrupted production for their material handling systems while maintaining high-quality results that were consistent and cost-effective.

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The Problem – A Need for Consistency and Feedability

In the world of welding, consistency and feedability are paramount to ensure seamless and efficient production processes. Any lack thereof can lead to costly delays and inefficiencies. For Steel King, the need for a welding wire that offered exceptional consistency and smooth feedability was crucial to the smooth production of their material handling solutions and rack systems. With their reputation hinging on delivering high-quality products without any hang-ups, Steel King turned to NS ARC to provide them with a welding wire solution they could rely on time after time.

Regarding the importance of welding wire consistency for production, Steel King’s First Shift Production Supervisor, Andrew Kettlewell, explained:


NS Arc Group Products

The NS ARC Welding Wire Solution – NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115

To meet the specific requirements of Steel King, we supplied them with our dependable NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115 (formerly known as NS Plus® 115). This copper-coated mild steel welding wire is specially crafted for ER70S-6 applications to offer outstanding performance. Featuring tight chemistry controls over the manganese and silicon content, NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115 excels as a top-tier welding wire option.

Its consistent welding arc significantly reduces spatter and ensures superior bead appearance, providing operators with the confidence of consistent, high-quality results. Moreover, the wire's higher silicon content facilitates smooth bead profiles, in addition to the welding wire’s enhanced feedability, and precise wire positioning, which contributes to improved welding consistency and feedability in Steel King's production of material handling solutions like their various rack systems.

How NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115 Solved Steel King’s Need for Consistency

Steel King's need for consistency and feedability in their welding operations was effectively addressed with the supply of NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115 welding wire. To meet their specific requirements, Steel King was provided with 900-lb. drums and 44-lb. spools, catering to their robotic weld stations and semi-automatic hand MIG stations.

On the robotic side, the importance of consistency in wire feedability was highlighted. Kettlewell continues:

This consistency is vital, as the material used by Steel King is demanding and can lead to rapid issues if the wire quality is not up to par.

Kettlewell continues:

"The material is pretty unforgiving when you're welding with robotics. You're going to burn holes pretty quick with the process that we have. So, the quality has to be reliable, and we have to make sure our quality checks are there because we can make a whole bunch of scrap pretty fast if we’re not using good products."

Steel King’s vast production output, all welded using NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115, further exemplifies the welding wire's capability in meeting their need for consistency and feedability. Whether in their robotic stations or hand welding setups, the reliability of NS ARC welding wire ensures smooth and efficient operations, leading to enhanced productivity and quality in their material handling solutions.

NS Arc Pit Crew

Customer Improvements & Satisfaction

Thanks to our welding wire solution, Steel King's operations have achieved remarkable success in production efficiency and customer satisfaction. By using NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115 welding wire, available in 900-lb. drums and 44-lb. spools for portable welders, Steel King's welding processes experienced rewarding consistency and reliability. The seamless integration of NS ARC welding wire into their robotic weld stations and semi-automatic hand MIG stations resulted in welds that consistently met the highest standards without serious hang-ups, bad product batches, or rework.

The partnership with NS ARC has allowed Steel King to maintain a seamless workflow, producing over two million pounds of steel per week, all welded with top-tier results. The NS ARC welding wire solution has proven to be exceptionally dependable while offering smooth wire feeding critical for Steel King's robotic applications. The exceptional quality and responsive service from NS ARC have further solidified the partnership, earning praise from Steel King.

NS ARC takes immense pride in the strong and productive relationship established with Steel King. The success and satisfaction Steel King experienced with the NS ARC welding wire solution have laid the foundation for exciting future partnership opportunities.

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