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Discover how CSI, a forestry and modular housing equipment manufacturer, optimized their production process and efficiency using NS ARC welding wire.

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NS ARC welding wire is trouble free. There’s a saying that ‘no news is good news,’ meaning it’s a true and proven welding wire that we trust. It's given us confidence over the years.

-Steve Souther, CSI

CSI has been at the forefront of pioneering advancements in the forestry and modular housing industries for years. With a legacy dating back to the inception of slasher saws and pull-through delimbers, their influence is widespread across the United States in areas where logging and manufactured house-moving equipment are utilized.

The array of forestry equipment encompasses a comprehensive selection, ranging from slasher saws and delimbers to delimber trailers, felling heads, and power units. Correspondingly, the spectrum of manufactured house moving equipment encompasses an assortment of machines for installation, raising, maneuvering, and moving. CSI parts division boasts an extensive inventory that includes a full spectrum of items such as sawbars, OEM parts, and aftermarket components, while specialized services including custom sawbar fabrication and expert sawbar repair are also offered.

Businesses involved in both the forestry and modular housing industries can encounter challenges that slowly creep up as demand increases and the need for super-tough, dependable machinery grows. Producing these dependable machines requires a high volume of manufacturing materials like welding wire to meet demands and keep production as efficient as possible. To help optimize CSI’s production efficiency, NS ARC stepped in and built a rewarding relationship focused on premium welding wire, flexible logistics, and tailored support.

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The Problem – Unoptimized Production & Logistics Challenges

CSI encountered a significant challenge in their production processes, primarily revolving around the optimization of efficiency within their manufacturing operations. Their equipment manufacturing, particularly the welding of machine components, relied on manual labor to achieve careful and high-quality welds. However, this approach led to a critical issue known as "running out the wire." As a result, spools of welding wire would deplete during the welding process, necessitating a halt in operations. Welders had to temporarily leave their workstations to replace the exhausted spool with a new one before resuming their tasks. These repeated disruptions not only interrupted workflows but also led to downtimes that affected overall production efficiency.

Steve Souther, Manufacturing Manager at CSI, explained the challenge:

Furthermore, CSI encountered complications in the logistics process as far as how the welding wire was handled. The process involved multiple personnel and the use of forklifts to transport the spools. With too many transfers during shipping, mishandling by forklifts resulted in occasional damage to the welding wire spools. The damaged spools not only hampered the welding process but also prompted the need for new spools to be ordered and subsequently shipped to the CSI facility. This further extended the downtime and added to overall operational inefficiencies.

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The NS ARC Solution – Premium Welding Wire, High Welding Wire Volume, & Tailored Support

CSI recognized the critical need to optimize their production processes to eliminate the disruptions caused by lower welding wire volumes and logistical mishandling. By turning to NS ARC, CSI aimed to enhance their manufacturing efficiency and maintain a seamless workflow throughout their operations. NS ARC in turn performed an ARC Assessment to assist by offering a premium welding wire solution with a higher-volume spool size while transshipments were kept to a necessary minimum.

Steve Souther continues:

"We use the NS National Arc Silver-Glide 115. We haven't had any problems with it; it is a tried and proven welding wire for us, and we’ve had especially good success with it for our delimbers."

In this crucial phase of improvement, NS ARC provided unwavering commitment to maintaining a consistently high level of support throughout CSI's journey. By working closely with CSI, NS ARC was able to be proactive and offer swift responses to address any concerns in the moment and create a smooth path forward.

Steve Souther continues:

The other task at hand was to maintain a steady supply of high-volume welding wire spools while mitigating any disruptions. CSI and NS ARC adopted a strategic approach that included efficient order management and timely delivery. This exemplified a proactive stance towards preempting and managing potential bottlenecks.

Steve Souther continues:

“We order a truck load at a time and eliminate that problem. In other words, we'll order 36,000 lbs. at a time and it just comes directly from Stillwater, here. Our distributor, Andy Oxy Co. Inc. keeps inventory for us just in case something happens and we have to have it, but we place orders in a in a timely manner and it works out really well.”

NS Arc product grouping

Our Welding Wire Solution – NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ 115

NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ 115 is a copper-free mild steel solid ER70S-6 filler wire engineered for GMAW applications. With high manganese and silicon levels, it ensures accurate, consistent, and superior welds for welders of all skill levels. Its elevated silicon content leads to flatter bead profiles, meeting top quality standards, while its copper-free formulation guarantees weld integrity and longevity. Crafted at our ISO 9001:2015 facility in Stillwater, Oklahoma, it minimizes disruptions during welding to promote flawless weld creation. This versatile welding wire finds favor across industries, boasting exceptional feedability, precise positioning, and impeccable weld traits, making it a reliable choice for automotive, fabrication, and general metalwork projects.

How NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ 115 in 1,500-lb. Tru-Trac® Packaging Optimized CSI’s Production

Following the implementation of NS ARC’s NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ 115 in 1,500-lb. Tru-Trac® packaging, CSI experienced a series of strategic enhancements. One of the most notable benefits was the extension of the 1,500-lb. wire capacity, which allowed welders to stay at their stations longer and reduced the need for frequent wire changes. This higher-volume packaging translated into fewer disruptions during the welding process so welders could maintain momentum.

Steve Souther explains:

“With an additional 500 lbs. that keeps our welders on the station longer and eliminates the need to run it out.”

CSI's shift from a competitor's welding wire to NS ARC welding wire was driven by an assessment of performance and suitability, while the subsequent introduction of NS ARC’s Tru-Trac® packaging further solidified this choice.

Steve Souther continues:

NS Arc Pit Crew

Customer Improvements & Satisfaction

The collaborative efforts between CSI and NS ARC brought about a positive transformation for CSI's operational efficiency and satisfaction. In the timber harvesting industry, both the ability to endure rigorous conditions and maintain quick lead times to stay on top of customer demands are paramount.

Steve Souther continues:

“We're certainly satisfied with the wire. All of our products are put to the test as far as staying together, and the timber harvesting business is a rough industry. When you have to grapple loads of wood and get them put into a delimber or to a ground saw, sometimes these machines are used rather aggressively.”

The adoption of NS ARC welding wire also played a pivotal role in minimizing equipment damage and breakage overall, ensuring CSI’s product quality remained at the peak.

Steve Souther continues:

“Trying to minimize any kind of breakage is what we're trying to accomplish, and that's done with NS ARC wire. We have no reservations about using the wire at all.”

NS ARC is proud of the relationship built with CSI and looks forward to continued developments that will lead to even greater advancements in efficiency, product quality, and customer satisfaction. With this partnership, CSI’s position as a leader in both the timber harvesting industry and the modular housing industry is reinforced with lasting strength.

Steve Souther continues:

“NS ARC welding wire is trouble free. There’s a saying that ‘no news is good news,’ meaning it’s a true and proven welding wire that we trust. It's given us confidence over the years.”

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