Ram Jack Case Study

With NS ARC quality welding wire, Ram Jack was able to solve their rework problem, improve operational efficiency, and keep up with customer demands.

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American made, to us, is everything. Everything we use is American made, from our pipe to our weld machines.

-Rick Flanary, Ram Jack

For more than 40 years, Ram Jack has been delivering exceptional foundation repair, preparation, and preconstruction services for residential and commercial properties across North America. By utilizing a team of expert engineers and welders, Ram Jack also produces the heavy machinery used to lift buildings for foundation work. Their core values include prioritized quality, unwavering safety, absolute integrity, and timely project completion. With over four decades of experience, Ram Jack has successfully stabilized numerous homes and businesses with engineering expertise and customized, lasting solutions.

Regarding Ram Jack products, Ram Jack’s VP of Operations, Rick Flanary, explained:

Poor quality welding wire can cause a number of problems for manufacturers and suppliers, including rework, increased lead times, and an inability to keep up with customer demands. Issues like these can become even more prominent when operating in the foundation repair industry where structural integrity for lifting and jacking equipment is an absolute must at all times. By implementing tailored solutions and leveraging our expertise, NS ARC assisted Ram Jack in optimizing their welding processes, leading to remarkable improvements in productivity and customer relationships.

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The Problem – Regular Automation Rework & Low Welding Wire Availability

Struggling with their previous welding wire supplier, Ram Jack faced significant challenges concerning product availability and welding wire quality. The supply issues hindered their ability to meet the demands of their own customers, which caused extensions in project timelines.

Flanary continues:

Moreover, the poor quality of the welding wire posed a major concern, leading to problems with welding automation and resulting in the need for extensive rework. This not only caused wastage of time and resources but also impacted the overall efficiency of Ram Jack’s operations.

Roger Scribner, Director of Operations at Ram Jack, further elaborated:

"Rework is a big issue because the robot has already been doing quite a bit of work before you can notice it sometimes. Most of the robots would work five brackets at a time, which would be partials. That's five different pieces that you have to touch up when you have a bad wire."

Seeking a reliable solution, Ram Jack turned to NS ARC to address these critical issues and find a more efficient and dependable welding wire supplier.

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The NS ARC Solution – Premium Welding Wire, High Product Availability, & Tailored Support

In the face of welding wire supply challenges and concerns with consistent automation due to poor weld quality, Ram Jack turned to NS ARC for a reliable solution. NS ARC high-quality welding wire proved to be the answer they needed, seamlessly integrating with their automated welding machines and significantly reducing the need for rework. The welding wire's consistent performance and smooth operation enabled Ram Jack to enhance their operational efficiency and meet customer demands with ease.

Flanary continues:

Because Ram Jack has great pride in the USA, they were looking for a quality welding wire product that not only delivered on operational expectations but is also made right here in America. This made NS ARC a perfect fit as the welding wire solution offered is manufactured in America.

Concerning the importance of American made products, Scribner had this to say:

"When our product goes out, it has a “Made in the USA” sticker on it. That’s big for us."

Flanary continues:

"American made, to us, is everything. Everything we use is American made, from our pipe to our weld machines."

NS ARC commitment to customer satisfaction went beyond providing excellent welding wire. With product availability conveniently located in Oklahoma, Ram Jack could access their welding wire quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the NS ARC Pit Crew team offered tailored support throughout the entire process, ensuring that Ram Jack had everything they needed to be successful. The collaboration between Ram Jack and NS ARC not only resolved their welding challenges but also forged a strong and dependable partnership that continues to drive success for both companies.

NS Arc Group Products

Our Welding Wire Solution – NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115

To address the specific needs of Ram Jack, we supplied them with our reliable NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115 (previously known as NS Plus® 115). This copper-coated mild steel welding wire is specially designed for ER70S-6 applications, providing exceptional performance. With a notable manganese and silicon content, NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115 stands as a top-tier welding wire option. Its smooth and consistent welding arc significantly reduces spatter and ensures superior bead appearance, making it the preferred choice for operators seeking consistent, high-quality outcomes. Additionally, the wire's higher silicon content facilitates flatter bead profiles, improved feedability, and precise wire positioning, delivering added benefits to the welding process.

How NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115 Solved Ram Jack’s Problem with Rework

Ram Jack's persistent automated welding rework problems found a successful resolution with the implementation of NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115 welding wire. To tackle their challenges effectively, Ram Jack opted for .052" diameter Copper-Glide™ 115 welding wire in 900 lb. drums, which were utilized by their robots in the production of brackets. Additionally, they chose .045" diameter Copper-Glide™ 115 welding wire in 500 lb. drums for use by hand welders to produce extensions and other components. The outstanding properties of Copper-Glide™, coupled with its smooth feeding characteristics, made it the perfect match for automated welding processes, significantly reducing the risk of rework to an optimal level. With NS ARC quality welding wire solution in place, Ram Jack achieved greater efficiency and minimized the need for rework.

NS Arc Pit Crew

Customer Improvements & Satisfaction

Following the implementation of NS ARC welding wire solutions, Ram Jack experienced a significant transformation in their overall welding operations. The adoption of NS National-Arc™ Copper-Glide™ 115 welding wire brought forth excellent improvements and increased satisfaction for Ram Jack. The superior properties and smooth-feeding characteristics of Copper-Glide™ ensured the risk of automated welding rework was substantially minimized, allowing them to focus on meeting customer demands efficiently and without delays. Ram Jack witnessed shorter lead times, which eliminated worries about their automated welding systems hindering timely customer service.

Beyond outstanding product performance, Ram Jack was equally pleased with the customer service provided by NS ARC. The close relationship forged between the two companies proved invaluable, as the NS ARC team of experts stood by Ram Jack every step of the way with tailored support and guidance. The seamless partnership with NS ARC not only enhanced Ram Jack's welding operations but also instilled confidence in their ability to consistently produce lifting and jacking equipment while performing stellar foundation services to their valued residential and commercial customers.

Scribner continues:

"I’d say the relationship NS ARC builds with its customers is the one thing I’d want someone to know about if they’re considering going with NS ARC. The notion of “helping when you need help” is a big part of it. A lot of times companies don’t do that."

Flanary continues:

"I believe that NS ARC wire is the best on the market. The customer service, the quality of wire, the relationship with their customers, how they go above and beyond to help you get through any problem you have with your wire, that’s important to us."

NS ARC is equally proud of the relationship built with Ram Jack and looks forward to further partnership opportunities with them.

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