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NS ARC™ Reveals 1,500-lb. Tru-Trac® Welding Wire

NS ARC™ Reveals 1,500-lb. Tru-Trac® Welding Wire

Aug 30th 2023

FABTECH, Chicago, Illinois, September 1, 2023– NS ARC™, the newly renamed welding wire division of DW-National Standard-Stillwater, LLC, has chosen this year’s FABTECH tradeshow as the stage to reveal its new name and an efficient new package offering.

Drawn and packaged in Stillwater, Oklahoma, NS ARC™’s Tru-Trac® wooden reel has long been the package of choice for large-scale operations where efficiency is paramount. For decades, our Tru-Trac® package has boasted proprietary winding technology that offers “twist-free” wire let-off from stationary tight wound reels, requiring only a few ounces of drag from up to 150 feet from the wire feeder. Its snag-free operation without drive roll overload delivers precise joint tracking, maximizing productivity and lowering welding costs.

 “We’ve been hard at work to develop this 1,500-lb. package. We’ve done thorough research and field testing to ensure optimal customer performance.”

- Nate Vanderhoof
Senior Welding Applications Engineer for North America

This packaging extension has already been utilized by several NS ARC™ customers, including CSI, a forestry and modular housing equipment manufacturer. This company benefited from the higher-level packaging as it led to fewer disruptions during the welding process, allowing the welders to maintain momentum.

“With an additional 500 lbs. [of wire] that keeps our welders on the station longer and eliminates the need to run it out,” said Steve Souther, Manufacturing Manager at CSI. Read more about how NS ARC™ improved CSI's productivity in this case study.

With a footprint the same as our existing 1,000-lb. Tru-Trac ® package, NS ARC™ current and future customers will benefit even more from this larger-weight 1,500-lb. Tru-Trac® welding wire wood reel. The productivity gains are tangible, with 50 percent more wire on each reel, equating to fewer product change-outs. With an industry average of 20 minutes to change out a large-capacity wooden reel, a facility using 1 million pounds per year could save 111 hours in change-out time and labor costs up to $16,500 annually.

Initially, this package will be available for the ER70S-3, ER70S-6 and ER80S-D2 welding wires, with more in development. “NS ARC™ is proud and excited to add this new 1,500 Tru-Trac® reel size to its product offering,” said Tom Wehner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We look forward to working with our existing and new customers to match their application with some of the best products and packages on the market.”

For more information about NS ARC™, please visit their website at

About NS ARC™: A division of DW-National Standard-Stillwater, LLC, NS ARC™ is the largest dedicated women-owned welding wire brand in the United States. NS ARC™ proudly offers a comprehensive range of welding wire solutions for welders' and manufacturers' most common problems. The brand focuses on developing welding wires that enhance the welding experience and deliver consistent, reliable results.