2061146 - Satin Glide® 309L Stainless-Steel Welding Wire

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The Satin Glide® 309L 0.045” Stainless-Steel Welding Wire in a convenient 30lb spool. This austenitic stainless-steel filler metal is designed for welding 316 and 316L stainless steel, offering versatile application in harsh environments such as industrial equipment and heat exchangers.

Satin Glide™ 309L 0.045” Stainless-Steel Welding Wire 30lb Spool

The Satin Glide™ 309L 0.045” Stainless-Steel Welding Wire in a 30lb spool is a strong choice for dealing with welding dissimilar metals and stainless steels to mild or low alloy steels. Its strong resistance to corrosion, thanks to its high content of chromium and nickel, gives it an advantage over rust, oxidation, and corrosive environments. Offering good wetting capabilities, it promotes strong fusion between metals while ensuring clean and uniform bead welds for a cleaner look.

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Applications for Satin Glide™ Welding Wire

Satin Glide™ welding wire is best suited for the following applications:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Auto Body
  • Automotive Exhaust
  • General Fabrication
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Pipe Welding
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Railcars
  • Shipbuilding
  • Structures
  • Trailers

Advantages of the Satin Glide™ Welding Wire

The Satin Glide™ welding wire is engineered to work seamlessly with the welder to achieve solid welds that maintain their integrity and longevity, even against harsh and demanding conditions. This stainless-steel welding wire can be used for all metal transfer modes of GMAW along with robotic, mechanized, and semi-automatic welding. It excels in single and multi-pass weldments as well.

Shielding Gas Blends for Satin Glide® Welding Wire

When it comes to shielding gas blends, Satin Glide® can be used with a variety of options, such as:

  • Short Circuit Transfer: 90% Helium, 7-1/2% Argon, 2-1/2% CO2
  • Spray Transfer: 95-98% Argon, 2-5% CO2
  • Spray Transfer: 98-99% Argon, 1-2% O2
  • Flow rate: 35-50 CFH

All-position welding is possible with Satin Glide® as long as the correct shielding gas blends, welding process, and welding parameters are used.

Stainless-Steel Welding Wire Industry Standards

Satin Glide® meets or exceeds several specifications, including:

  • AWS A5.9/A5.9M: ER309, ER309L
  • ASME SFA-A5.9: ER309, ER309L
  • ASME Section III Nuclear requirements

Stainless-Steel Welding Wire Storage Instructions

You can preserve the quality and performance of your welding wire by keeping it in a dry environment to prevent moisture from contaminating it. Avoid storing the wire in areas prone to high humidity and moisture.

Technical Info

Technical Specs

  • Tier: National-Arc
  • Branding: Satin Glide
  • Class: Stainless
  • Alloy: 309L
  • Finish: STN
  • Wire Diameter: 0.045
  • Package Type: Spool
  • Package Size: 30
  • Application: MIG
  • Product Length (inches): 11.75
  • Product Width (inches): 11.75
  • Product Height (inches): 4
  • Pkgs per Pallet: 72
  • Pallet LBS: 2160
  • AWS: ER309L
*Please see product SDS sheet for complete storage & handling instructions.