1021287 - NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ NS 101 Copper-Free Welding Wire

Product Quick Specs

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Smart Pak

Optimize efficiency and reduce waste with the NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ NS 101 0.052” copper-free welding wire in a 900lb Smart Pak, offering sustainable and engineered packaging options for large-scale welding operations.

NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ NS 101 0.052” Copper-Free Welding Wire 900lb Smart Pak

The NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ NS 101 0.052” Copper-Free Welding Wire in a 900lb Smart Pak is engineered by our experts to feature excellent feedability and moderate de-oxidizers, eliminating copper flaking and reducing spatter. This results in consistent weld appearance and easy cleanup for a wide variety of different applications, including pipe welding and general fabrication.

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pipe weld

Applications for NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ NS 101 Welding Wire

Silver-Glide™ welding wire is best suited for the following applications:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Auto Body
  • General Fabrication
  • Pipe Welding

Advantages of the NS ARC Silver-Glide™ Welding Wire

The NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ NS 101 is a low-alloy solution that offers numerous benefits, including its ability to produce minimal spatter. The low spatter characteristics of this welding wire contribute to reduced post-weld cleanup efforts. This not only saves time but also increases overall efficiency, making it an attractive option for projects with tight timelines.

Shielding Gas Blends for NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ NS 101 Welding Wire

For optimal performance, Silver-Glide™ NS 101 requires specific shielding gas blends such as:

  • 100% CO2
  • 75-95% Argon/Balance CO2
  • 95-98% Argon/Balance O2
  • Flow rate of 35-50 CFH

NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ can be used in all-position welding as long as you use the correct shielding gas blends, welding process, and welding parameters.

Copper-Free Welding Wire Industry Standards

NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ NS 101 meets or exceeds various industry standards including:

  • AWS A5.18: ER70S-3
  • AWS A5.17: EM13K
  • ASME SFA-A5.18: ER70S-3
  • CWB W48: B-G 49A 2 C1 S3
  • ABS Certified Product - Learn More

Copper-Free Welding Wire Storage Instructions

To ensure maximum shelf life, store NS National-Arc™ Silver-Glide™ welding wire in a dry, enclosed environment and in its originally sealed package.

Technical Info

Technical Specs

  • Tier: National-Arc
  • Branding: Silver-Glide
  • Class: Carbon
  • Alloy: 101
  • Finish: CF
  • Wire Diameter: 0.052
  • Package Type: Smart Pak
  • Package Size: 900
  • Application: MIG
  • Product Length (inches): 24
  • Product Width (inches): 24
  • Product Height (inches): 32
  • Pkgs per Pallet: 1
  • Pallet LBS: 900
  • AWS: ER70S-3, EM13K
*Please see product SDS sheet for complete storage & handling instructions.