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NS ARC Unveils FABTECH Spotlight Video Showcasing Brand Transition

NS ARC Unveils FABTECH Spotlight Video Showcasing Brand Transition

Sep 1st 2023

NS ARC, a leading division of DW-National Standard-Stillwater, LLC and a certified Women-Owned Business, has recently released a captivating promotional video to introduce its transition to a cutting-edge NS ARC brand of welding wires. The video aims to make a remarkable entry into the market, targeting new customers while fostering stronger relationships with existing ones.

“For our friends in the welding community, we are excited to bring you NS ARC, a new brand focused on innovation, quality, service, [and] solving your problems,” said Scott Funderburk, DW-National Standard-Stillwater, LLC Vice President and General Manager.

At the heart of this video is the launch of the NS ARC brand, the leading dedicated women-owned manufacturer of welding wire in the U.S. Designed to resonate with a diverse audience, the video primarily targets manufacturers requiring welding wires in the range of 50 to 250 tons, with a focus on those utilizing welding robots for automotive, trailer, pipeline, and railcar applications, and more. This strategic move is expected to increase sales leads and solidify NS ARC's position as an industry leader.

“The NS ARC product offering is a commitment to our customers to improve their processability, their reliability and ultimately improve their product,” said Chris Pruett, product manager of NS. “The NS ARC brand is a leap forward into an innovative era for DW-National Standard-Stillwater, LLC. It’s a commitment to our customers, [people and community].”

NS ARC Women-Owned Welding Wire Manufacturer

The overarching themes of the video revolve around the brand's heritage, innovation and support for American labor. With the tagline "The ARC STARTS HERE," the video draws on NS ARC's deep-rooted connection to its Stillwater, Oklahoma, facility in the heart of America. Its parent company, DW-National Standard-Stillwater, LLC, boasts a legacy of more than 100 years. Notably, next year, NS ARC's 50th-anniversary celebration marks a significant milestone for the division, coinciding with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art welding laboratory.

“It’s a strong legacy built based on trust and integrity, customer service and the best products available,” said Funderburk. “We came up with the NS ARC brand by thinking about our customers first. We’re focused and passionate about welding, and we wanted something that represented our welding community.”

Positioning itself as a proudly "Made-in-America" and “Women-Owned” brand, NS ARC underscores its dedication to supporting American labor and women in trades, aligning with the values of its diverse customer base. The video highlights the brand's robust product selection and performance, delving into its legacy, industries, applications and packaging solutions.

This promotional video marks the unveiling of the NS ARC brand and sets a precedent for a customer-centric approach, innovative solutions and unwavering quality in the welding industry.