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NS ARC to Reintroduce Pit Crew Services

NS ARC to Reintroduce Pit Crew Services

Aug 22nd 2023

NS ARC, the leading dedicated women-owned manufacturer of welding wire, is reintroducing its Pit Crew services to its customers. The Pit Crew is a team comprised of welding experts who are dedicated to delivering support directly to welders, helping businesses improve efficiency, maximize potential and stay ahead of the competition.

Once a staple of the level of service DW-National Standard-Stillwater, LLC delivered, NS ARC, as the dedicated welding wire division, is bringing this service back to its loyal customers.

“Decades ago, DW-National Standard-Stillwater, LLC deployed their ‘Pit Crew’ into various applications to improve a customer's productivity and processes,” said Tom Wehner, Regional Sales Manager of NS ARC. “Many of those clients are still using DW-National Standard-Stillwater, LLC product today. With our welding division being highlighted with the branding of NS ARC, we are pleased to re-introduce this program.”

Designed for personalized assistance and guidance, the NS ARC Pit Crew provides on-site evaluations, customized reports and expert recommendations. The team of welding experts and technicians travel to the customers’ location for on-site facilities and operations evaluations using multi-faceted criteria.

The result is a customized report with expert recommendations that is aimed at making adjustments and identifying the best-suited solutions to align with each company’s goals and specifications.

The process starts by filling out a Pit Crew Evaluation request form, which includes essential information such as the company name, location, contact person details, welding wire alloys used and the estimated annual LBS of welding wire consumed. This crucial data helps the Pit Crew tailor their evaluation and recommendations to the specifications of each business.

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“The NS ARC Pit Crew Program will offer complete onsite analysis of current weld state, factors, best practices and paths for optimization beyond the wire,” Wehner said. “Simply put, we will offer decades of expertise to clients looking for an alternative perspective to their welding requirements.”

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The purpose of the Pit Crew is to help welding businesses identify areas for improvements and take advantage of opportunities to enhance productivity. With the expertise of these welding veterans, companies can streamline their welding processes, increase efficiency and ultimately thrive in the competitive market.

As the welding industry continues to evolve, businesses need to remain agile and well-prepared to meet the challenges and seize whatever opportunities they can. The NS ARC Pit Crew stands ready to guide companies through this dynamic landscape while providing expert information and resources these companies need to succeed. With the Pit Crew’s dedication and expertise, welding businesses can confidently embrace the future and stay at the forefront of the industry.