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NS ARC and CLOOS Disrupt the Robotic Welding Industry with Strategic Partnership

NS ARC and CLOOS Disrupt the Robotic Welding Industry with Strategic Partnership

Jul 8th 2024

Chicago, Illinois - July 2024 – In a groundbreaking move set to disrupt the welding industry, NS ARC, the largest dedicated women-owned welding wire brand in the U.S., has entered a strategic partnership with CLOOS North America, a global leader in robotic welding technology and automation. This alliance, announced in July 2024, promises to bring significant advancements to both companies and their customers.

The core of this partnership lies in the integration of NS ARC’s high-quality welding wire into CLOOS's state-of-the-art robotic welders. Through collaboration, consultation, and shared expertise, both companies can eliminate third-party integrators and streamline efficiencies, and can now offer a customer the full welding solution through collaborative and personalized consultations directed at solving complex problems and implement new solutions for customers—thus unlocking new market opportunities.

Both companies express excitement and optimism about this new partnership in a mini-documentary video series. The series highlights the forward-thinking approach that NS ARC and CLOOS are taking as they embark on this journey together. In the video series, both companies explain the partnership in detail, share company history, tackle complicated questions and address issues in the welding industry. Several key interviewees also discussed the industry-disrupting approach both companies will use to create new solutions for early adopting customers that implement automated robotic welding technologies to bridge the gaps in the welding industry today.

Chris Pruett, product manager at NS ARC, emphasized the shared vision that underpins this collaboration. "NS ARC and CLOOS have a common vision of putting the customer first. It's a natural fit for us to come together to understand the customer's needs and put them first so that they understand the value of this partnership and what we do to bring value to the market," he stated.

This customer-centric approach is expected to resonate strongly with clients, showcasing the added value this partnership brings.

The strategic partnership is a mutually beneficial trade of expertise and innovation, giving CLOOS access to world-class welding material and giving NS ARC access to world-class robotic welding automation.

Doug Zoller, president and general manager of CLOOS North America, stated that having NS ARC as their filler metal partner is a supportive benefit to CLOOS since welding wire experts are now within arm's reach.

“Now [we’ve] got that expertise standing right next to [us] that is supporting what we're trying to do with the customer and vice versa,” he said. “When NS ARC is talking with customers, they know they've got CLOOS sitting behind them saying, ‘how we can help with that customer problem.’ It goes both ways, and that's the exciting part—it’s only positive!”

This partnership, according to Mike Monnin, Director of Sales at CLOOS North America, will expand capabilities for both companies, which will “raise the tide” for the rest of the industry. Together, they’ll be looking at ways to improve the welding experience, such as expanding the lifespan of the contact tip and experimenting with different chemistries to deliver better welding quality.

This collaborative effort aims to set new standards in the industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in welding robotics and automation.

Monnin further commented on the broader impact of this alliance. "It’s an exciting future, and we’re really looking forward to what this partnership is going to deliver. It'll be unparalleled within our industry to have two of the top companies in each of their respective technologies cooperating to raise the bar for our customers," he said.

The partnership between NS ARC and CLOOS is more than just a business arrangement; it's a strategic move that promises to drive innovation, enhance customer satisfaction, and elevate the overall industry standard. As both companies leverage their strengths, customers can expect improved product quality, enhanced performance and cutting-edge solutions that address their evolving expectations.

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